Corporate Identity & Branding

Perception is Reality

You may think that you control your brand, but in today’s digital age of the Internet, Social Media Sites and Blogs your prospects and customers play a major role in the brand awareness process. Now, more than ever, it’s important to develop and maintain a multi-facetted branding strategy to reach your target audience, project a positive image, to be remarkable and memorable to grow your business. A brand is much more than a logo, slogan or product… it helps set the consumer’s awareness, perceptions, and expectations. Your customers create your brand through their experiences and emotions.

Your Identity Matters

Properly developing and implementing a branding strategy can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your business. Having the right promotional materials, effective marketing messages and visual designs for both online and offline will help you increase sales leads and sales conversions. If you market with sales letters, fliers, brochures, catalogs or on the Internet, then the message you are sending through your corporate branding, product branding and promotional materials must make an impact. A common mistake many people make in marketing is not understanding who their target market is, sending the wrong benefit message or no benefit message and then expecting the buyer to figure it out. A logo is not a brand. A branding strategy is a vital step in creating your product or corporate identity.Using our unique Mix Marketing System™ we can help you increase sales and profits by evaluating your current results, find new combinations based on your resources and compliment what you are already doing to add more value to more people. The results come from new channels of distribution, increased effectiveness of your marketing efforts, higher repeat sales, and higher profit per order.